Why go Zero Waste?

Well first off I am going to add a small disclaimer to this post. I, myself, am not totally zero waste. I am quite far from it if I am honest. But I try. And in reality every small step I take to reduce my waste is a step closer to reducing all waste.

Day 1 of Zero Waste Week was Monday and the question that was posed was “Why?” Why are you reducing your plastic? I would love to hear your reasons. Please leave comments or link to your own blog post explaining your reasons. I would love to read them.

What about me? Why do I spend time trying to reduce my plastic?

My reasons are quite simple really. In this post Rae lists 10 reasons for reducing plastic, but I only have 2. My kids!

Like any mother I want the best for my kids. I want them to grow up in a world that can still take their breath away (for all the right reasons). One that is inhabited by many many species of animals and fish.

I want them to look in the sea and see fish not plastic.

by 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish

I want them to look to the horizon and see mountains, not landfills.

oil takes millions of years to form

I know that my decisions today can help shape their future tomorrow. Why wouldn’t I try my best?

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2 thoughts on “Why go Zero Waste?”

  1. As were now almost at the end if zero waste week, what have you noticed that has changed in your approach to plastic. Have u reused more, recycled more or even just made better choices of how u shop,use plastic in general. Myself ive encouraged more people to recycle. Ive looked at means to recycle the plastic I do use.

    1. Since I started taking part in ZWW a number of years ago I am more aware of the things that I buy and I do a lot more research before I do buy things. I am always looking for ways to reduce my plastic usage and I’m happy to take any advice and tips on board.

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