Well hello! The first post on my new site. It feels like the first page of a new diary or notebook. The pressure not to spoil it is huge! I think I’ll start simply and introduce you to me and my family.

I’m Nicola, I live with Hubby and our two children – Little Lady who is almost 10 and D who is almost 6. I have been blogging over at a lifetime of diy for a number of years but recently I have been wondering where the blog is going. It seems to have lost it’s way and I like to have a focus. That’s where this shiny new blog comes in. I will focus here on the little steps my family and I are taking to reduce our carbon footprint and to live more sustainably. I do like to run and I may veer off topic every now and again but I will try to keep mostly on topic.

I would be very happy if you wanted to join us on our journey.

You can find me on twitter as @mehubbyandkids and a Facebook page dedicated to this blog is in the works.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to documenting my journey.