Zero Waste Week

What better way to start this blog than with Zero Waste Week? A whole week dedicated to reducing waste. It’s been going for 10 years and technically I have taken part for the past three years but I’m not entirely sure last year’s failure counts!

Zero Waste Week always makes me look at the way that I live and the things that we do as a family, to see if there’s anything we can change to reduce our impact on the planet.

Three years ago we worked at getting D out of disposable nappies by potty training. The week itself was a disaster but we had cracked it by the end of the month. Two years ago I pledged to have a handmade christmas, and looked at various gift and gift wrapping ideas.

This year I am looking at reducing waste through making, mending and upcycling. I will be posting every day during the week and also posting content on twitter with the other ambassadors, so please join us.

Before I go if you would like to support the work done by Rachelle then please do donate to the cause. You can do so by clicking the following link


Well hello! The first post on my new site. It feels like the first page of a new diary or notebook. The pressure not to spoil it is huge! I think I’ll start simply and introduce you to me and my family.

I’m Nicola, I live with Hubby and our two children – Little Lady who is almost 10 and D who is almost 6. I have been blogging over at a lifetime of diy for a number of years but recently I have been wondering where the blog is going. It seems to have lost it’s way and I like to have a focus. That’s where this shiny new blog comes in. I will focus here on the little steps my family and I are taking to reduce our carbon footprint and to live more sustainably. I do like to run and I may veer off topic every now and again but I will try to keep mostly on topic.

I would be very happy if you wanted to join us on our journey.

You can find me on twitter as @mehubbyandkids and a Facebook page dedicated to this blog is in the works.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to documenting my journey.